About Xiu Li

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Xiu Li is a Master of Chinese Acupressure with over 20 years of experience in the field. She has studied holistic medicine and alternative healing and wellness methods in her native China, as well as healing arts of other cultures of the Orient.


Xiu Li combines this ancient knowledge with a traditional degree in physical therapy from Hong Kong University. Her aim is to combine all of these arts into a full-life wellness program for mind, body, and spirit.


A massage session with Xiu Li will leave you feeling rested and revitalized. Her massage techniques will make your body feel rested, and your mind relaxed.


All about Xiu Li Acupressure Massage Therapy


Xiu Li Acupressure Therapy is the culmination of Xiu Li’s lifelong dream to bring a complete alternative wellness program to the general public. Nowhere else are as many non-invasive wellness massage technique options available under one roof. Our customers appreciate Xiu Li’s kind, empathetic manner.